Juicy Smoked Fried Wings

Fried and smoked wings! Can’t wait to have it. It’s time to surprise your family members or guests, or neighbors. All these entities will be left wondering what sort of taste your hand possesses or what magic have you done to turn the table around.  Well, whichever the case is, the secret behind it is the best smoker grill combo. And now keep the rest of the credits for the recipe and, no doubt, yourself. 

But first, no dreams of fantasy, lend your attention here to cook to amaze.

❖        Ingredients:

  • 5 pounds of wings.
  • One or two cups of the BBQ or your beloved sauce.
  • Peanut oil For frying.

❖        Instructions:

The process is pretty easy, and there are no complications. Just follow as mentioned.

Make use of dry Brine (a highly concentrated solution of salt) if you wish. 

Dab the chicken wings to dryness. Completely cover up with the wings with a fair amount of salt. Mainly coarse kosher salt that’s primarily known as cooking salt.

Then place it into your refrigerator for at least 4 hours.

Note: no need to wash it with water after processes unleashed already. Heat the pellet grill and smoke the wings over a high-temperature range until the internal temperature reaches a temperature of 140 F.  Next, heat the sauce. In a dutch oven, heat the oil at 350F. You can make use of fry pans. Keep on frying until the long 120 seconds. It’s time to enjoy the wings with the combo of sauce.

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