Delectable Smoked Meat Loaf

As soon as the pellet smoker arrives, set yourself on the edge of the seats to prepare a delicious meatloaf and that too with fresh meat. Smoking is a real feast. The pellet smokers have been a perfect addition for smoking purposes. They have added to the delight and ease of smoking, and that’s why we are up with smoked meatloaf.

Here we unveil the steps towards the preparation of everybody’s favorite meatloaf.

❖        Ingredients:

  • 1 set of half pounds ground beef.
  • Half pound sausage.
  • Bread crumbs of half pounds.
  • Three quarters(¾) of a cup of yogurt.
  • A quarter(¼) cup milk.
  • A couple of large eggs.
  • A couple of tablespoons of chopped garlic.
  • Half cup parmo cheese.
  • Half tablespoon of dried parsley.
  • Half teaspoon of dried oregano.
  • Half teaspoon of cooking salt, the same Kosher salt used for wings.
  • Black peppers are required.

❖        Instructions:

Get up your pellet grill working and preheat it. Mix all the ingredients in a medium-sized bowl, but without meat.  Mix it thoroughly.

Next, mix the meat and the and the sausage and let them be with the other ingredients in the bowl. Mix them thoroughly and form a loaf. 

After all these steps, roll the loaf in a rub. Place it on a shay rack with a roasting pan beneath it to prevent the mess caused by oily drippings.  Cook it on the initial smoke for half an hour and then finalize the cooking at 350 F. It’ll take around an hour to reach the internal temperature of 160 F.

This will be the end of your efforts. It’s the time just to enjoy the unrivaled test of meatloaves.

Now your taste buds are going to be stimulate with the most delicious pelleting experience.

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